What is the BEST possible chemistry tutor?
The BEST would be your own Personal Chemistry Professor.

Imagine having a Professor of the Year winner from the Carnegie Foundation who is smart, attentive, kind, patient, and who has decades of experience directly helping over 1,000 students excel in college and high school chemistry. That’s me! I’m a tenured college chemistry professor at Willamette University, an outstanding private college in the Pacific Northwest, who regularly receives outstanding teaching evaluations. I love my job at Willamette and I also enjoy being a private chemistry tutor in my spare time.

Your Own Personal Chemistry Professor (1 hour)
Your Own Personal Chemistry Professor (10-hour package)

What kind of attention can you expect?

I am the kind of person who does the best I can at all of my endeavors. To that end, I make sure that all of my private tutoring students get an amazing individualized experience. We'll talk about exactly what you are doing in class, what you need, where you are struggling, and we'll prioritize our time together.

I can be a chemistry tutor to only 3 one-on-one students at a time so that all of them are getting the best that I have to give them. I keep a rolling waitlist and I schedule meetings with you to give plenty of time before important dates such as an exam.

How am I different from a regular tutor?

I'm actually not a tutor. Rather, I'm a professor who is tutoring. There is a difference! My students have described me as being able to take complex problems and make them understandable and doable. With my arsenal of approaches, I am an effective tutor for both college and high school students that are struggling in General and AP chemistry. For example, I recently helped a high school student, J.J., catch up on 7 weeks of content in only two sessions together. Based on the common mistakes that I've seen my students make over the past 22 years, and then seeing what works to help them learn, I always have several different approaches to problem-solving up my sleeve.

Not only do I hold my students to high standards, but I hold myself to high standards, too. I never want a moment of our time together to go to waste, so I make our sessions together efficient. It's imperative that you are able to take what you learn in our sessions and do problems on your own.

Another role I play is an accountability coach. My approach is to be both savvy and heart-centered. I challenge my students with a unique combination of gentleness along with high expectations and genuine support for their success. I am keenly tuned into approaches that work well with many different types of learners, and I am honored to have received hundreds of gushing testimonials that led to my award Professor of the Year from the Carnegie Foundation in 2010.

Another way that I stand apart from other tutors is that I offer both traditional and non-traditional approaches. By non-traditional, I mean that I can teach in an extremely gentle style that works wonders with my students who suffer from anxiety. For an example, please go to my ASMR Chemistry YouTube channel which gives you a feel for this kind of approach.

That said, I am also very excited about chemistry and teaching, which you can see on my @ScienceRockstar TikTok profile and my ChemistryRockstar Twitch channel. There, you’ll see my high energy approach which stems from my years as a professional rock musician as well as being one of the most engaging and passionate scientists you’ll find on social media.

If you are looking for an award-winning Chemistry Professor as your personal chemistry tutor to crush your academic goals, you are in the right place.

Click below to secure your spot with me. I look forward to getting to know you and helping you achieve your academic goals!

Your Own Personal Chemistry Professor (1 hour)
Your Own Personal Chemistry Professor (10 hours)

What to do if you need help but cannot afford your own Personal Chemistry Professor

It’s hard to make ends meet sometimes – believe me, as someone working in the academic world, I get that. People will pay attorneys and doctors several hundred (or even over a thousand dollars) per hour without questioning it, but it’s often perceived as outrageous to pay that amount to invest in yourself to get help with a tutor–even one that has more education and experience than the higher-paid professionals. That’s the way our world currently works.



To help as many people as I can, I have several active resources that are either free or are offered at a low price:

  1. My ASMR Chemistry YouTube channel (link here). Here you can submit questions and I’ll answer them in the order they are received, which can take up to two months. If you join as a paid subscriber, your question gets moved to the top of the list. At the highest level, you get personal video responses. This is a remarkably kind and supportive community!
  2. My ChemistryRockstar Twitch channel (link here). Join in real time when I’m doing a livestream chemistry session (currently twice weekly), ask your questions in the chat, and get them answered in real time! It’s free to join Twitch.tv and follow me, but you can also subscribe at a low monthly rate for fun perks and to support the work that I do.
  3. My PA-CAT Chemistry Review course (link here) that I created for students preparing for the PA-CAT exam (the equivalent of the MCAT for applying to Physician Assistant school). I go through all of the topics that could appear in the Chemistry section of the exam, along with practice questions and full solutions. Anyone who purchases the course can also contact me directly to ask questions. While this course is aimed at PA-CAT exam, it’s also an excellent (and inexpensive) resource for anyone looking to review chemistry topics for any type of exam.

Let me know if you have questions about any of the chemistry resources that I offer. I’d love to hear from you! You can email me at [email protected]