Live big and expansively without quitting your job or running off to “find yourself”.

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What is Create Your JET about?

  • Do you want to feel like you are actively curating your best life? Where every day is like living out your favorite playlist of songs - instead of being stuck on hold with the worst songs ever, waiting until the phone call can be over and done with?
  • I do! That is why I have curated my own life to become an award-winning science professor, a mom to two successful kids, a professional rock musician, and a podcaster.
  • It hasn’t been easy, but it’s been a blast to embrace my family and career without giving up what I love. I believe that weaving all parts of yourself together is imperative to live fully and authentically, and that it’s something that anyone can do - EVEN IF YOU THINK YOU CAN'T.
  • I created this ebook not just to pontificate about how to do it, but instead I brought in my teacher's side and made it more like a workbook.
  • You’ll think about things you’ve never thought about before, and if you go through the whole process, you will COMMIT to yourself by the end.
  • Best of all, it’s only about 45 pages, so it’s not overwhelming. I purposely kept it concise, for those of you—like me—that often don’t finish long books!

About Me

Hi! I’m Karen McFarlane Holman, Ph.D.

Along with teaching, researching, writing, speaking, and rocking out, I love making connections with people. This is why I’ve written this ebook and started my Create Your JET program, based on the much-loved message in my second TEDx talk (watch it here!). My mission is to help 100 professionals create their JETs in 2022. Would you like to be one of them? Download the first two chapters of my ebook/manual Create Your JET to begin the journey of creating your JET today.


Charlene Helm, CEO and Co-Founder of The Challenge Queens Event Agency


“When Karen is asked for something, she not only shows up fully with energy and enthusiasm, but she takes it 10 steps further than you’d expect. She has an exceptional gift of leaning into each conversation, supporting each person with compassion, and creating a safe and nonjudgmental space. She also has an uncanny way of seeing people’s mistakes as opportunities rather than failures, which she uses to help them navigate what to do next. With Karen, I have felt heard and supported in ways that I had never felt before because of the diversity of her background and her kind receptivity. She is safe and trustworthy, which is huge to me.”

Nick Symmonds, CEO of Run Gum and 2x Olympian


“Karen is an absolute ROCKSTAR on and off the stage. Her passion for science and ability to keep an audience engaged very much helped me earn my degree in Biochemistry while I was a student at Willamette University and setting my goals to become an Olympic athlete. I am SO EXCITED to see her creating content and how she is impacting the world. Keep crushing it, Professor Holman!!”

Elizabeth Larson, Biotech Researcher and Visual Artist


“Karen McFarlane Holman is not only an accomplished scientist, but an expert in living a full life. She has a knack for identifying people’s hidden talents. With kindness and enthusiasm, she will help you unlock your potential and exceed your own personal expectations. Just a few months ago, I was overwhelmed with self-doubt as I crafted my Fulbright Scholar application. I immediately contacted Karen. During our short phone conversation, she empowered me to overcome my doubts once more and complete a strong application. I was recently notified of my semifinalist status! I cannot recommend Karen enough as a life coach and mentor.”

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